Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Radio, radio 

My favorite station, KBCS has just shuffled their evening line-up. Up through last week, the typical evening was news and public affairs programs from 5 til 7, one or more music programs until 10 (each day featured a different show) and then some sort of jazz program from 10 til midnight. Since I don't care for modern jazz, I would usually listen 'til ten and then switch to some other station. Now, all the jazz shows have been moved to Monday night, which means I switch stations at 7. (I should point out that not all of the evening jazz shows have been moved. At least one got axed, along with a few other programs. The jazz I won't miss, but I might pine a bit over the syndicated Sound & Spirit. And I do lament the loss of The Blues House on Sunday night. Goodbye, Oogie. sniff.) Anyway, tonight I switched to KMTT the station I used to listen to before I sold out to public radio. It hasn't been on my post-10 pm lineup, since they play a show called "The Chill Side of the Mountain", which just doesn't tickle my ear. So tonight I listened, but of course later jogged over to KZOK when the "Chill SIde" started chillin'. Of course, then at 10, they dedicated the hour to playing Pink Floyd songs. I thought about changing the station, but lethargy had set in and I just left it there. Nothing against Pink Floyd, but a whole hour of their stuff grows rather tiresome. I suppose my next choice of stations, travelling up the dial, would have been the Phil Hendrie Show on the Buzz. But then All Comedy Radio would come on at 11 and I'd want to switch again. Oh, well. I suppose I'll figure it out. Tomorrow, I can just leave the dial at KBCS and not worry about it.