Saturday, August 07, 2004

Bovine literature 

I had an unexpected opportunity to exercise my rusty Spanish tonight. Bunnah had accidently checked out a Spanish book from the library, CLIC, CLAC, MUU: Vacas escritoras. It was a translation of the book by Doreen Cronin, CLICK, CLACK, MOO: Cows That Type. It's a gripping tale of a labor dispute between Granjero Brown and his cows. I was able to follow the story, using the remnants of the vocabulary that I learned in my year and a quarter of Spanish class, along with the illustrations, logic and a hint from Poodlepums that mantas meant blankets. I was quite proud of myself, and thoroughly amused. I don't know what it is with cows that they make such amusing characters. Denys Cazet's Minnie and Moo series is great and had I read CLIC, CLAC, MUU in English, I'm sure I would have been roaring with laughter. I'm thinking of putting it on my Christmas list. Maybe I just needed a laugh after last month. Of course, there is one drawback to today's amusment. Poodlepums was quite entertained by my attempts to translate the story and is threatening to check out more Spanish books. Oy! If only we lived by the Ballard library rather than the Beacon Hill branch.....