Monday, July 12, 2004

Libraries for all... during regular hours 

One of the things we chose to miss on Saturday was the grand opening of our neighborhood barnch of the library's new building. It was a grand event including cultural performances and the obligatory opening ceremonies attended by civic dignitaries. Not the big guns, of course. We only rated the deputy mayor and a single city council member. But that didn't matter. It was our party and a neighborhood potluck party was even set up outside to capitalize on the event. Unfortunately, we had already scheduled a hike with my in-laws, so instead we were at Mt. Rainier National Park, communing with nature. At least until nature got tired of us and dumped a cloudful of rain on us to send us scurrying back to civilization. We figured that there would be other parties and we could always stop by the next day to bask in the glory of our new library building.

Of course, nobody told us that our branch was going back to its old schedule of being closed on Sunday. We just assumed that the Sunday hours that our branch had been running due to closures of neighboring branches would be carried over to the new building. Alas, this was not so. Our basking yesterday was limited to trying out the new book return slots and peeking into the new windows. We immediately pledged to visit it today when the branch opened at 1 pm. Upon further reflection, however, we decided to make life easier and so Noodles and the kids will go visit the inside this afternoon. Me, I'm holding out 'til the more convenient morning hours on Wednesday.