Friday, July 23, 2004

I'm so tired 

I had thought about working late this evening (since I'm turning down another chance to work weekend overtime), but when shift's end rolled around I decided against it. I've been on the go since I got up this morning, though watching the choir kids play at Chuck E Cheese's isn't really all that strenuous. Even work was somewhat busy, as I didn't get my usual break whilst processing pdf files. The jobs tonight required a lot of assembly work, but since they were vector art, they processed quickly. I also spent a lot of time checking up on the Seattle Weblogger Meetup, which took place Wednesday night. It's fun to click on the list of attendees and see what kind of weblog artistry is around town. I'll probably never go to one myself--working second shift and all--but it's fun to eavesdrop. Kind of like my relationship with my neighborhood council, who meet on Tuesday nights. Anyway, it seemed like a lot of this month's bloggers were also photographers. Or at least they pack a lot of pix on their blogs. I could do that if I was willing to pay for the server space. And bought a digital camera. And had time to take and clean up pictures.

Speaking of cleaning up pictures, which is part of my job and all, I had my annual performance review today. Basically, I fill out a self evaluation and then my supervisor makes her evaluation (with the input of her second shift subordinate) and then we sit down in a closed room and discuss it. 'Tis rather lame, because we have a generic form for everyone, so I have to evaluate my corporate ambitions, even though the only way I could get promoted is to switch careers. Fortunately, my boss also recognizes the absurdity of it, so we can skim over the unimportant bits. Anyway, I apparently have pleased my masters yet again, even though I feel that I lag behind the first shift guys in skills and attitude. Of course, being satisifed with second shift is probably a plus. That and my attitude lends itself to writing funnier e-mails, which is the only thing for which I received a specific pat on the back. And Noodles thinks all my blog and message board writing is a waste of time...