Thursday, June 03, 2004

What? Where? 

I missed the meteor last night! After working late last night and writing up a blog entry, I let inertia keep me in my chair and started looking up things like the 1979 Dracula movie. (It's all the fault of this site which was recommended by Slumberland.) As I finally ventured home, a bit after 3 a.m., I turned on the radio to hear about lights in the sky. People all around the Puget Sound were calling in and giving their accounts of what they saw or felt. Me, I didn't notice a thing. It was quite a bummer. As I drove home, i found myself peeking sneaks at the sky, trying to imagine what it must have looked like. (Or maybe I was subconsciously hoping for an instant replay.)(My worldview is so screwed up by TV, it's not funny.) Oh, well, at least the full moon was out.