Thursday, June 24, 2004

For better or for worse.... 

Had a real marital crisis today... I tried to teach Noodles how to use Quark XPress. ;-)
Her word processor of choice, GreatWork's WP module, doesn't lend itself to having multiple folio styles. Our real word processor, Nisus Writer, might be able to handle the problem, but since I wasn't certain, I just told her she could use Quark. So today she asked me to set up the template and show her how to use the program. Boy did I learn a lesson. Since it wasn't a pressing problem, I hadn't taken the time to assess the situation. So when I sat down I was approaching the project cold. I had to figure out how to get the program to do what she wanted and how to explain things to her, all the while she's sitting next to me and adding her two cents worth. I have enough trouble talking even when I'm not distracted. And the fact that she once again had underestimated the time needed for the task didn't help. Frustration reigned. But eventually I set up a document that she was able to use with only a single tech help call. (Whether it's because of or despite my explanations, I refuse to speculate.) It would have gone much better if I had put some more forethought into the project. Something to keep in mind when (if?) I take over the homeschooling chores.