Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Weekend Update 

I know, these are supposed to be done on the weekend. Cut me some slack, willya? I didn't want to let the events pass without comment, but I've been busy.

The serious event came Saturday. I came home from a shift of overtime to find out that a friends of ours, Hiker, has leukemia... again. He was diagnosed with the disease many months ago and has gone through chemo hell and a bone marrow transplant. Everything was looking good, until that damned disease showed up again. The pessimistic view is that he has three to six months to live. (The optimistic view, of course, is miraculous healing.) When Noodles talked to them, he seemed to be handling things well. His wife, on the other hand, was devastated. They've only been married about 4 years, with a three year old son. It's not supposed to work this way, God! (Yeah, I know, You know what you're doing.)

On Sunday, to my surprise, Ricky blew us off. Noodles saw him Saturday--she was teaching her ESL, he was (I assume) visiting the Spanish speaking Seventh Day Adventist congregation. She said that he was walking around with a broom. So I don't know if he earned the bucks he needed for the weekend, or if he figured he's exausted our generosity, or what the deal is. Anyway, I felt a slight twinge of guilty relief. I think I have a mild case of panhandlaphobia.

Then to end off the weekend, Noodles told me that the power in our house has been flickering on and off for a few days previously. I only mention this because we eventually contacted Seattle City Light and they are all over it. I wasn't expecting such great service. Something's gotta be wrong....