Sunday, May 02, 2004

The least of these 

One thing that annoys me about weblogging is those times when you want to write about something that doesn't fit well into a brief log entry--be it a topic that's too minor or too complex. In this case, I'd like to write about a run in with a homeless guy today. Problem is, there's no good hook. I could write about how he disrupted the church service, but it wasn't really all that amusing. I could write about how people--others and myself--reacted negatively to him at church, the grocery store (where I bought him some groceries) and the bus stop. The problem is, it would be a pretty lame sermon. There was some prejudice involved, but the guy was hardly the most polite personality himself. Then I could try to write about sitting with him for a few minutes at the bus stop as he stopped hustling and tried to explain to me his take on life. The drawback there is that he spoke limted English very quickly and with a heavy accent. All I could understand really is that he has been working but when the money runs out, he once again has to put up with a lot of garbage. Ah, well. Perhaps some experiences aren't meant to be blog fodder.