Sunday, April 18, 2004

You've no idea how much I've to do 

Whew, what a busy day we had yesterday! Started out with a dim sum birthday luncheon for a friend of the family. (Actually, Noodles and the girls ran down to Tacoma to catch the annual Daffodil Parade before that. I had a lazy morning instead. But then I did stay up late watching a vid the night before.) Then we ran up north to the semi-annual Friends of the Library Book Sale. After that we scooted back down to Burien to pick up some books from the Library. (A fine way to celebrate Earth Day by offering a burnt offering of fossil fuels.) While we were in the area, I stopped in at Wonderworld Comics and Games to pick up a few comics and the four of us took a nice walk in Seahurst Park. 'Twas a combo beach stroll and forest hike. Then home for supper, dishes and a bit of relaxing. I was quite eager for the bed when the time came.

Of course, the highlight of the day was supposed to be the Library sale. We've made some great scores there over the years. Noodles did real good this year in her quest for kids' books. Me, I came home a tad disappointed. Now some may think that means that I came home empty handed. Far from it, I bought 9 items for myself. Nothing I'm really excited about, however. I mean, I wasn't necessarily looking for anything, except for some Robert Sawyer books. (He's my newest addition to my list of favorite authors.) But I have discovered some gems before as I browsed the sale. You know, you gaze over the rows of books and one grabs your eye. You either say, "hey cool!" or "this might be interesting." This time, I was saying "Aa, might as well grab this--it's cheap." So I ended up getting a web page design book in case it might contain a useful tidbit. A local history book of one of Seattle's suburbs because it was only two bucks. A graphics utility called Debabelizer since it was only three dollars and you never know when it might come in handy. A book called Handbook for Storytellers since I do have to do Sunday School opening every now and then. A CD from the band Damn Yankees because I had seen a video of theirs years ago and had kind of liked it. And three comics and an obligatory Star Trek book. Nothing that's going to occupy the top of my reading stack, that's for sure. But on the other hand, I only spent $10.50 on the lot, so I really can't complain.