Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that today was button day. Button Day? Well, I mentioned a union meeting we had back in March. One idea that came from the meeting was that we should make some visible show of solidarity, like wearing union T-shirts or something. The following Friday was selected as the target date and our local president said he would get us some buttons to wear. Anyway, on Wednesday, our shop steward passed out little yellow pinbacks that said "No More Givebacks" and on Friday.... nobody wore them. I put one on my coat, but when I got to work and didn't see anyone else wearing them, I didn't bother transferring it to my shirt. Such the activist, I am. ;-) Anyway, yesterday, the shop steward told me that to day was again a button day and this time.... nobody wore them. This time I can't blame folks because despite the bold type on the buttons, last week we were given a questionnaire from the union asking about how far we're willing to compromise on certain issues. Oh, well. I'm not really one for fanfare anyway. Rather than shouting slogans, I'd be content to persist in quietly saying "no" to those compromises that are unacceptable.