Sunday, April 04, 2004

Shop, shop, shop! Go and never stop! 

Oops, didn't get around to posting last night. We spent most of the day doing our spring shopping excursion--an event in which we drive about and purchase those useful things which don't rate a special trip to the store. I was going to whine about spending money, but then spent the final hours of the night searching for information about the World Book encyclopedia. The electronic version, of course. Next year we're going to be switching to a new curriculum for Poodlepums' home schooling. The Sonlight curriculum expects you to have access to an encyclopedia and World Book is the one they recommend. That's great in an of itself, however, since we are running an ancient Mac (turned ten last month!) here at home, we have to either find an old version of the software or upgrade our computer to something that can run OS X. Wouldn't you know it, I spend awhile doing Google searches and browsing the Low End Mac website, only to find that World Book's site offers an older version which should be compatible with our 8100. (I'll have to double-check this.) I guess not every software company has bought into the upgrade or be left behind mentality. I should give them a Hamburgerland award or something.