Friday, April 02, 2004

Serves you right? 

I listen to way too much liberal media. My favorite station, KBCS has a block of news programs in the middle of my work day. I usually don't bother switching stations, since I like the music that follows the block. Not to mention that the programs are often interesting. So, a normal weekday means a dose of Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News. And on those rare days I leave work on time, I'm quite likely to catch the Mike Webb show on KIRO. Anyway, when talking about the guys killed in Fallujah, Iraq, I noticed that my media friends are quick to blame the atrocity on Bush and his war. They do have a point, but one thing that I didn't hear too much is that the gang who attacked the Americans were just plain wrong. Maybe I need to have to have my country invaded and exploited for me to see the light, but right now I can't see how anything would justify the murder and mutilation of those men. Whatever sins President Bush needs to answer for, I don't think you can lay this one at his door. Sorry if I'm not being partisan enough.