Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Next slide please... 

Another business thought occurred to me this morn. (I'll be off this business kick in a day or so, don't worry.) The big kahuna--in our own little pond, of course--had set up the LCD projector and had his points all nicely organized in a Powerpoint presentation. So this morning, I tried to think when the last time he just talked to us en masse, without the benefit of his visual aids. I think it was a few years back, when one of our co-workers died suddenly and he had to give us the bad news. Anyway, I wonder if this dependence on Powerpoint visuals is a phenomenon unique to my boss, or are all business professionals enhancing their communication skills with this electronic marvel? And if so, is it limited to the corporate environment? I mean, I can visualize some executive type sitting down with his son, booting up the laptop and saying, "Son, as this graph shows, your room has been consistantly messy over the last three quarters..." Or worse yet, having an argument with his wife: "Now dear, the statistical analysis is quite clear that my response to requests to take out the garbage have shown a 7% increase..." Well, maybe not that, because wifey-poo might pull out her own laptop and show how he's skewed the data or something. Oh, well. I doubt if I'll ever understand the corporate mind.