Saturday, April 24, 2004

It's mine! All mine! Hahahahaha... 

Well, this past Wednesday Noodles and I became honest-to-Ghandi home owners instead of home owers. We made our final payment on our mortgage. Then we went to lunch to celebrate. We went to Jack in the Box because, well, we just paid off our mortgage and that was all we could afford. Seriously, I guess I should be more excited. The lady in the escrow office and my mom were both quite enthusiastic when I told them. Me, I just figure that some other expense will crop up to take the place of the mortgage payment. Money's like that. But part of me also feels like I should be more, um, giddy or something. Ah, well. I suppose I could have a big blowout party. Except that our house is quite small. (One reason why we could pay it off in such a short time.) I don't know. Still seems more like finishing a chore than achieving some grand goal.