Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Checking in... 

I'm feeling guilty, like I should write something. I actually did some work tonight. I mean, quite often I spend the night processing files--slapping on some registration marks and color IDs and then prepping the file for output. Monkey work, I call it. The advantage of that is there is often little gaps as files open or process where I can check a blog or bit of message board. But the reason I got into that habit is because that work is as boring as sweeping floors. Even more so, because you have to interrupt your daydreaming to think. Tonight however, I spent hours correcting a software carton. Lots of piddly little things which are all different enough to require my attention. It's not as satisfying as building a package from scratch or doing complex photo-manipulation, but I did feel like I earned my pay. (Which is way too much, according to the company.) (Or maybe that's just the overtime pay and benefits.)