Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Teach your children well 

Ya know, you try to raise your kids right, try to protect them from bad influences and what happens? They get weird anyway. One of Poodlepums' latest fads is to make tapes. She hauls out the tape recorder and either makes music or talks on it. I used to do the same thing when I was her age. Some friends and I would play records and pretend to be disk-jockeys, or do TV show parodies as radio plays. Now with Poodles, who has limited media access, she tends to make up her own shtick. Sometimes she cons me or Bunnah into helping, but the majority of the material is pure Poodles. Anyway, the family was out taking a walk today and as we were heading towards the homestead, I notice that Poodlepums is quoting, verbatim, one of the "routines" we did on a tape. I was trying to be gruff with her for talking at me--a situation where she takes charge of a conversation and turns it into a monologue--but this was so weird I had to start laughing. Or maybe I was chuckling at my own material. Anyway, I've decided that things are going to change. She's going to have to switch to a daily three hour minimum for TV viewing. And we definitely need to get her into some drama class....