Sunday, March 21, 2004

Sunday night blues 

As I'm heading around the bend to the finish of another weekend, I'm feeling rather dissatisfied. It's not like I haven't accomplished anything--I had a church council meeting today and put in a half shift of overtime yesterday. I ran errands to pick up groceries and books for Bunnah's lessons this week. True, I did blow off the protest because of some of these other tasks, but I did shoot off an e-mail to President Bush telling him I was against war in general and the Iraq war in particular. (I also asked him not to do it again.) I indulged Poodle-pums in a recording session and listened attentively to Noodles hold forth on her latest read. (A book about girl bullying. I started reading it myself--it's like a science fiction novel about this alien species with an alien culture. But Noodles assures me it is credible.) I even have indulged myself by buying some comics and having dinner at Skipper's last night. So why am I blue? Why is accomplishing the trifling tasks of life so unfulfilling? Would it be more satisfying if this were Friday rather than Sunday night? Am I just expecting too much from life? Do I need more lycopene in my diet? Maybe I'll never know....