Sunday, March 07, 2004

Reduce, reuse, remember 

Well, I did my bit for Ma Earth today. I was packing up my 2003 financial records and disposing of their 1995 counterparts. As I sorted through the papers, picking out the papers with blank sides that could be used for future scribblings, I was given a quick tour down memory lane. Ah, 1995. The year Noodles broke the window on the church van. The year we were burgled and got some unexpected equipment upgrades from Allstate. (And bought the motion sensor lights.) (And paid the electrician to come and install them properly.) The year we bought our tape deck and then exchanged it for one that worked properly. Bloatmeal was still issuing their own paychecks back then. And we were still trying to use up all those Art Wolfe checks we had ordered back in '92 at our Rainier Beach apartment. (Honest, I had forgot about that second box and thought we were about to run out.) Bunnah had yet to start the paper trail of her life, even though I recall that was the year we started on our adoption adventure. Ah, yes. Some jobs come with pleasant fringe benefits.