Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Oh, woeful web 

My brain hurts. I've been getting too geeked about my genealogy research the past few days, staying up way too late with Google searches and perusing the U.S. GenWeb pages. In one sense it's been worth it. Last night, or I should say early this morning, I found the cemetary and death dates of my great-great-grandparents. And then later this morn I got a response to a web query that provided the names and 1870 census info for my great-great-great-grandparents. Anybody who does research knows how giddy I was feeling. Of course, I still don't know which ancestor, if any, was Onondaga--the holy grail of my research--so I will face the temptation to stay up late once again. Or maybe I'll find the strength to go home on time for a change and greet the next morn and my family with a refreshed spirit and smile instead of a pained grimace. (That would be wise--we're running low on aspirin.)